PM Digital manages datafeeds across several online channels, and we provide an end-to-end solution to streamline and optimize the process.

Typically, managing feeds in-house is a cumbersome, time-consuming effort, so many marketers turn to outside agencies to prepare their feeds. There are some agencies that focus solely on trafficking datafeeds and others who manage multiple online channels such as paid and natural search, social, display and remarketing, and comparison shopping engines. While both may be competent at managing feeds, achieving maximum potential with datafeeds is far less about trafficking and more about strategic campaign management.


Philosophy: PM Digital streamlines and optimizes the process, enabling clients to easily manage multiple programs, utilize advanced shopping engine techniques, and understand the true ROI value of comparison campaigns vs. other online programs.

Approach: We incorporate datafeeds strategically with the other online channels. As experts in search behaviors and trends (SEM, SEO, and Social), we are poised to carryover search insights and apply best practices to optimizing campaigns. Particularly important for Google’s PLAs, which perform similarly to paid search keywords, we house significant historical data and provide valuable insight into how specific non-branded paid search ad groups and search terms perform.

Capabilities: We specialize in datafeeds for Comparison Shopping Engines, Google Shopping, and Dynamic Remarketing Ads. We provide budgeting and forecasting intelligence to determine which providers and/or channels are best for your brand, meet your ROI goals, and ensure maximum revenue. We also track your results by portal or performance goal and deliver actionable reports.


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