Introducing PM Digital’s Exclusive Paid Search Attribution Technology!

How is your current search technology attributing your brand and non-brand conversions?

The inability to see meaningful growth from non-brand paid search is the number one area of angst for search marketers. Until now, marketers have had to rely on whatever attribution model their search technology provided to decide how to distribute revenue. Hampered by technology constraints, marketers may be limiting their sales growth from non-brand search.

Now available, PM Digital will incorporate new proprietary algorithms into our MediaHarbor search platform that will allow clients to get a full view of their paid search clickstreams and then choose from seven Attribution Models to account for the revenue. In order to decide the most appropriate model, we will also offer a preview of how the revenue flows in each Model via our exclusive What-If Dashboard. Now, you will always know the impact your current attribution model is having on results, and how a change in attribution philosophy could impact sales.

Our technology has the ability to manage bids based on all keywords in the conversion funnel. Even the most sophisticated models available today lack this flexibility. Now when you choose Date-of-Last-Click, Last Non-Brand Click or any of the other 5 models available, you will be making a business decision based on the value your company puts on assist keywords, etc.

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