Optimize the email channel for true 1-to-1 marketing that’s efficient and scalable by delivering targeted, relevant messages to the right audiences, at the right time.

PM Digital’s email solutions and strategic know-how were created to keep investment costs low and conversions high. To drive scale and efficiency in your email marketing initiatives, we analyze data and integration with other channels, such as social, search, and display, add an effective technology platform, and email can become your highest converting online channel.


Philosophy: Email marketing begins with data and strategy. Our focus is on creating an overall strategy that harnesses the channel to its fullest potential to deliver continual improvements and gain greater returns in the short and long term. To grow lasting, loyalty-based relationships between our clients and their customers, we create a strategy based on the goals of: building consumer confidence, strengthening relationships, and increasing lifetime value.

Approach: PM Digital is committed to delivering not only superior day-to-day services, but also strategic guidance on best practices and actionable plans. Backed by our parent company, Paradysz, we have 20+ years of direct mail planning experience and industry expertise to offer unparalleled access to technological, analytical, creative, and human resources.

Capabilities: We develop cohesive email strategies for our clients that fuse together email efforts including: long-term customer contact strategies, the traditional database marketing approach, continual testing strategies, and leveraging analytics more heavily to continually inform, modify, and enhance your programs.


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