Direct Mail

Predictively and aggressively scale new customer growth and increased engagement.


Direct Mail has a unique opportunity to be a successful standalone channel for many clients, but it can also be an incredible augmentation tactic to drive increased performance for other channels in an Omni-Channel Environment. With a dedicated focus on Creative, Segmentation and Attribution, our team offers a wealth of experience (20+ years) in implementing audience personas, as well as modeling and segmentation strategies to achieve cost-effective and highly relevant direct mail campaign delivery.


Our holistic approach begins with creating the best possible mix of acquisition sources, including Universe Solution (USOL), Exchange Files, Rental Files, and Co-ops. Our enhanced marketing platform removes the need to market at the list level, and identifies each individual on the prospect file as a unique marketing opportunity. We also build models to help create the best offer to audience opportunities within the prospect environment.


From campaign planning to optimization and execution, we offer and end-to-end solution, which included Strategic Business Planning, Customer Targeting, Omni-Channel Marketing Considerations & Segmentation, Creative Development, Print Production, and Performance Measurement. We also offer tailored solutions designed for well-established mailers of any sector, or those interested in testing by targeting individuals through analytics at the household level with Direct Mail.


We are dedicated to building the most effective solutions for our clients, solutions that are based on a true understanding of your customers. It is our fundamental belief that success is achieved only when we define the key audiences and value propositions, and then design media and channel strategies to support their growth, not the other way around. Specific tools and processes include:

360 Degree Buyer Analysis: Combines integrated analytic + data marts, custom reporting/analyses, and strategic frameworks to help organizations more fully understand and measure the value of their customers across all programs and channels.

AddVantage Analysis: Exclusive insight discovery process and analytical tools developed to gain insight into revenue-generating strategy performance.

Acquisition Data Sourcing: List Brokerage, Co-ops, Exchanges, and Universe Solution (our own proprietary Exchange).

Program Cost Management Division: Reduces client’s media cost on a year over year basis, average of 23% across clients.

Direct Response Modeling Tools:
Helix™: Stands for High-Efficiency List Exchange – a revolutionary approach to improving the performance and cost efficiency of your exchange names. Helix enables powerful optimization modeling to select only the highest performing names through exchanges with other Helix participants.
Intellizip™: Identifies the census-level demographic and geographic penetration characteristics that best explain the differences between responders and non-responders to better identify which zip codes will be most responsive to future marketing efforts.
ContACT™: Identifies the best mix of contact frequency, recency, offer/package rotation, as well as which audience targets are fatigued and should be rested for a period of time before being reintroduced to the mail.
ReConnect™: Combines customer-level modeling with reactivation and profitability metrics. By isolating recent responders’ characteristics, we can identify which of your non-responding customers are most likely to respond to your future marketing efforts.
MergeScience™: Innovative approach that links merge-purge to acquisition and customer marketing, allowing marketers to make better targeting decisions across multiple campaigns and yield a higher return on investment through lower costs and better response rates.

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