Digital Co-op

Create, execute & grow digital co-op programs at scale.

Retailers and manufacturers have been coming together to invest marketing dollars cooperatively for some time. Despite an available market of over $200 billion, translating that relationship to the digital landscape – online and offline to online – has been a challenge for retailers to navigate, with only 13% of co-op budgets currently allocated to digital opportunities.


Marketers cited barriers to entry as the primary reason this huge market continues to go unaddressed, such as the absence of internal infrastructures, misperceptions as to the power and value of well-executed digital co-op strategies, as well as the lack of data and reporting transparency. At PMX Agency, our Digital Co-Op solutions allow retailers and suppliers to take advantage of the significant benefits of joining marketing forces without all the hassle.


We begin by identifying relevant partners, categories or targeting opportunities, and then develop a turn-key solution, including the strategy, pricing, estimated returns, and standardized media packages for suppliers. As a Google Premier Partner, PMX Agency also provides our clients with the highest level of service, including access to a dedicated account teams and the support of Google’s Co-Op resources.


As a full-service agency, we manage all aspects of digital co-op initiatives, such as developing any necessary creative and messaging assets, executing the media placement and buying, as well as measuring both online and offline KPI’s, providing each partner with customized reporting.



Take advantage of shared media and creative costs.


$110 billion available market.


Greater digital presence and store traffic.


Successful Co-Op programs generate positive returns for both brand and supplier.

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