Content Marketing

Increase your reach to brand loyalists through a combination of technical optimizations & exciting social content.

Content marketing is no longer a buzzword. It’s not a channel on its own, either. Rather, content marketing should be the foundation of your overall integrated strategy, and the key to creating a meaningful value exchange with consumers. Our content marketing methodology combines a keen understanding of your audience, a cohesive and compelling storytelling strategy across all channels, and a commitment to the authenticity that drives impactful, positive results. PM Digital helps brands and customers speak the same language.


Philosophy: Brands that are successful in content marketing adopt a publisher’s mindset. They put customer needs at the forefront of their strategy, with keyword and content development as complements. By providing quality, helpful content to your customers, you will be rewarded with their loyalty and purchase.

Approach: PM Digital’s approach to publishing and promoting sites starts with content marketing. We begin the engagement with a Content Marketing Workshop where our team meets with your team to better understand your internal processes, establish goals, and performance metrics. Our teams work collaboratively on all aspects of content marketing – audience analysis and persona development, stakeholder interviews, and linguistic studies to understand the audience (internal and external) and their needs. We then layer in competitive insights via the competitive content analysis and use the data to develop a content marketing roadmap and strategy. Our teams work to create editorial guides, content plans, and monthly content production and publishing calendars.

Capabilities: For those who need support beyond strategy, we create content for all areas of engagement, including websites, videos, SEO, paid media ads, blogs, email, social media, and thought leadership, amongst others. We also offer educational seminars to create content strategies with internal stakeholders, guidance on how to deliver content within the proper hierarchy, and editorial guidelines and guidance for ongoing content creation and distribution. Our social media team crafts amplification and distribution strategies to support content marketing programs.


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