Charitable Giving
In the Trump Era

President Trump’s First Year

PMX Agency and sister agency, NRG, recently launched a new series:
Charitable Giving & Advocacy in the Trump Era.

The reports address how the new administration is impacting anticipated engagement behaviors to help inform our clients and their marketing programs. These reports, plus the video webinars featuring our experts discussing the findings and providing valuable insights, can be accessed by filling out the form below.

The third installment, President Trump’s First Year, is now available.

One hundred days into President’s Trump term in office, charitable giving was at a peak, coming off a groundswell of activism across the country in reaction to major policy changes. Now, nearly one year later, both charitable giving and advocacy have roughly returned to levels seen right after Inauguration. The third report in this series provides actionable insights for nonprofits. Findings include:

• How have donations been impacted since President Trump took office?

• Have constituents changed their position on primary issues?

• What events drive the most action?

• How does the news and media impact giving?

• How should cause marketers plan for sustainable growth?

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