New York, NY – October 10th 2018 – Effective October 10, 2018, the trio of Bethany Maki, Katy Jordan, and Tiffany Quast will spearhead PMX Nonprofit. This newly formed unit within PMX Agency will bring unprecedented services and expertise to an industry hungry for, and in need of accelerated change.

To support the expansion, PMX will be growing the nonprofit teams across the agency.  “We believe the nonprofit sector is at a critical inflection point; PMX has constantly evolved over the years and, now, we need to continually evolve the traditional approach to direct response marketing in the nonprofit sector,” said Quast.

Maki agreed, stating, “Together, we’re reevaluating how we bring solutions to our nonprofit partners – we must move beyond the “channel” or “program” and bring them performance-driven solutions that strengthen the connection between people and their life moments that intersect with our nonprofit partners’ missions.”

Jordan is excited about bringing this new approach and services to market over the next few months as part of the leadership team.  “We already have deep trust and respect, having worked together here and elsewhere.  We’re going to turn direct response on its head and lead the evolution toward consumer-first, performance marketing grounded in research, and reflective of what we learn from our commercial sector clients.”

With this leadership transition, Michael Cousineau, a 24-year partner with CEO, Chris Paradysz, will be departing the company on November 1, 2018 as a full-time employee. He will, however, remain invested in PMX and consult with Paradysz and the agency beyond his employment.

“I am so appreciative of my long-term partnership with Mike. We have been great partners and friends.  He is brilliant and deeply experienced in business. He has been my go-to and he’s a huge part of this company’s success. I’m sure he’s going to continue pushing me and advocating for us, especially with his continued investment in PMX”, said Paradysz.

“We’re at a moment in time where consumers – people – are changing their expectations and relationships with organizations and how they connect and commit. There is not less interest or even fewer dollars being donated. It’s the ‘how’ that has changed. The same hope and compassion is there,” Paradysz stated.

PMX has been strategically partnering with nonprofit agencies and brands for close to 30 years. Its evolution has enabled the agency to tap into heightened levels of passion and cause-driven attitudes. The combination of frictionless media and content experiences with an insights-driven methodology has truly helped position nonprofits to grow and act nimbly in today’s changing landscape.

PMX Agency ( is the premier performance marketing agency for today’s leading global companies and nonprofit organizations. We exist at the intersection of brand and performance, using data-driven strategies to elevate the relationships between our clients and consumers, and activate them through highly targeted, personalized experiences across paid, earned and owned programs. PMX’s approach is built on cultivating strategic partnerships with clients, focused on what keeps a brand relevant over time to achieve long term, accelerated business growth. PMX is a proud member of the Stagwell Group(, a collaborative group of agencies who are out to “reinvent the holding company” according to the Wall Street Journal.