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Industry Experts Predict Google Cross-Divide Reporting Will Prove Mobile Conversions and Raise Ad Budgets

Mobile growth, the transition to Enhanced Campaigns and with it, rising CPCs, have dominated the natural and paid search narrative over the past quarter. Among others, these trends will continue to directly impact the means in which search marketers manage their marketing efforts for the foreseeable future, according to a report just released by PM Digital, a New York-based digital marketing agency.

PM Digital’s Search Rewind: Retail Trends, Benchmarks, and Insights for the 2nd Quarter of 2013, digs into the latest trends and provides perspective of the most prominent search factors affecting the search landscape.

“Our Search Rewind report has reiterated the importance behind our agency’s commitment to remain nimble in our approach to campaign strategy and management in order to accommodate shifting industry norms and client concerns,” said Suzy Sandberg, President of PM Digital’s Global Digital Media division. “Having an integrated search strategy is critical for retail brands to compete in today’s marketplace.”

In addition to the key findings, the report notes that the industry is in a period of significant change, particularly as it relates to paid search. Overall for the quarter, the state of search marketing is a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities, mostly brought on by the search engines.

The key trends the industry is experiencing include the following:

  • Mobile continues to disproportionately outgrow desktop in its contribution to overall site traffic, but conversions and demand generation lag behind.
  • PLAs now divert over 30% of clicks away from non-brand search. With PLAs come new technological requirements to support them, expertise by search marketers to manage them, and KPIs that alter the typical non-brand paid search standard.
  • Web browsers, like Safari and Firefox, are disrupting third-party tracking resulting in an increasing and disproportionate amount of SEO links resulting in keyword “Not Provided.”
  • Preparation for Google Enhanced Campaigns is a massive undertaking, and CPCs are rising at a rate consistent with the migration.
  • After passing through the Senate, The Main Street Fairness Act is running into stiff challenges and lobbying by a wide variety of industry groups on both sides of the issue. Simplification of the code, compliance, and reporting is a shared theme.

“Our investments in analytics and data, particularly surrounding search and up-funnel paid and earned media will be crucial to accelerate our strategic work with clients,” stated Chris Paradysz, PM Digital’s CEO. Over the past year, the company has added substantial data, technology and talent to its rapidly growing Strategic Services business.

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