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// Designing For Conversion: Creative That Works Across Paid Social
As marketers gear up for the fast-approaching Holiday season, we’re readying our content strategies across social platforms to get audiences engaged in brand stories and products. In the latest blog, we’ve listed some important tactics that performance marketers should be thinking about when the ultimate goal for content is conversions and long term customer relationship growth.
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// Why TV Makes Sense For Facebook’s Next Frontier
Facebook has been aggressively ramping up its video strategy for some time now, but over the next several months, all eyes will be on Facebook as it dives into, what might be, the next era of its video offering – original TV content. Read our thoughts on Facebook’s move into TV, and what it means for the platform’s future.
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// Mobile – Luxury Memo Special Report
Mobile is currently one of the most dominant forces of technology, having a massive impact on how the luxury business markets and sells its products. But in the world of mobile, how do brands and retailers make their luxury apps or mobile sites stand out from non-luxury ones? Our CEO, Chris Paradysz, offers his thoughts in a recent Luxury Daily feature story.
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// The New Era of Opportunities and Challenges in Giving Days
Giving Days are critical moments in time on the nonprofit fundraising calendar. Read our latest in Nonprofit Pro, about the different challenges and opportunities around giving days, and how the current political climate has created an entirely new era of giving days
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