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project runway ebay
// eBay Dips Its Toes in Fashion with Project Runway Partnership
On trend with the latest “see now, buy now” strategies by designers like Ralph Lauren and Gucci, Project Runway has jumped on the bandwagon in a new partnership with e-commerce company, eBay. For the first time, pieces designed by contestants on the show will be sold in auctions on eBay, straight from the runway. PMX Agency CEO, Chris Paradysz, comments, “From a marketing and strategic point of view, the combination of content and commerce, coupled with audience engagement is a trifecta.”
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q&a pebblepost
// A Q&A with PebblePost: User Experience Crucial To Converting During This Holiday Season
We’re officially into the fall season, and brands are now laser-focused on strategies to drive increases in customers and revenue throughout Holiday 2016. In light of the holiday ramp up, we sat down with Jacquelyn Goldberg of PebblePost, the Programmatic Direct Mail® platform that connects consumers’ digital behaviors with highly personalized, relevant direct mail. With an emphasis on “high interest and intent” customers, PebblePost helps brands to achieve more conversions by creating a significantly more timely and relevant customer experience – critical for a successful Holiday season. Check out the Q&A!
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local seo
// 12 Ways to Win At Local SEO This Holiday Season
With marketers deep in the trenches of holiday planning, it’s important to ensure that all of the bases are being covered, and that a brand is well prepared for the influx of traffic to come over the important months of Q4. Take local SEO, for example. Because it often directly impacts not just online visibility against competitors, but also a customer’s in-store and eventual purchase experience, there is no better time than the present to make sure your local pages are correctly optimized. Check out this post for 12 ways to win at Local SEO over the remaining months of 2016.
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store pickup
// Click And Collect – The Secret Sauce For Retailers This Holiday Season?
Much of the allure around online shopping has always been focused on the convenience factor. With a virtually limitless choice of products and brands, plus the ability to shop in the comfort of one’s own home, e-commerce has played a major role in overall retail growth over the past several years. But holiday time continues to drive people in-store, so a strategic leverage of consumer behavior can be a winning combination. Read this post about why “click and collect”, more commonly known to customers are “order online, pickup in store” may be the secret sauce for success for many retailers during this holiday season.
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dior youtube videos
// Dior’s Borrowing Chanel’s Strategies to Catch Up on YouTube
On YouTube, Chanel reigns supreme with the most subscribers and views of any luxury brand. Dior, a distant second, is trying to catch up by borrowing a few lessons from its competitor’s playbook. The French fashion house upped its video production during Paris Fashion Week this season, launching a new series, “Dior Stories,” around the company’s history, plus “behind the scenes” footage that shows models and influencers using the brand’s makeup products. Check out our thoughts in this Glossy article about why a strong YouTube and video storytelling strategy continues to be a critical success factor for luxury brands.
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