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// Staying Nimble in a Time of Change
Capturing and activating donors’ passions through a smart, nimble process has never been a more critical initiative for nonprofit organizations. As the political landscape continues to impact giving sentiments, nonprofits must have a rapid response infrastructure in place to respond to the current events cycle, and determine the best, relevant messaging to put in front of donors and constituents. Check out our latest blog in npEngage, where we share findings from our original “Charitable Giving and Advocacy in the Trump Era” study, supported by research from the National Research Group.
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google safety
// Brand Safety on Google
Brand safety has always been an important topic across the industry, but because of the recent issues surrounding YouTube, Google and others are working towards better solutions to ensure brands’ ads do not accompany any negative or off-brand content. In a world where content can be created at any time and by anyone, and ads are placed programmatically, viewability and content standards have never been more important. Take a look at some of the steps PMX Agency marketers apply to ensure our clients’ brands are protected.
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luxury w and a
// Why Luxury Remains Far Out of Reach for Amazon and Walmart
While both Amazon and Walmart have collected a group of retailers through various acquisitions, one vertical that’s remained out of reach for the retail giants is luxury. Check out this Digiday story, where our SVP of Creative Strategy, Roy DeYoung, weighs in on why Amazon and Walmart cannot achieve the desirable luxury experience true to luxury brands, and how customer expectations differ of different fashion companies.
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// Going Live – Opportunities for Nonprofit Fundraisers
In the digital age, live social experiences have proliferated across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and YouTube, largely as a result of consumers’ desire for instant, more authentic content. It’s allowed creatives of all disciplines to become the creator, and has given brands the opportunity to connect with followers on a level more personal than simply posting a photograph, or sharing a written post. For nonprofits in particular, the ability to tap into the Facebook Live network can create an enriched sense of community – giving a new kind of access to organizations who wish to tap into donors’ passions in a more immediate setting. Check out our tips for nonprofits looking to explore Live video social strategy.
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