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// Google Paves the Way for More In-SERP Conversions
For both SEO and SEM marketers, changes to the Google SERP constantly keep us on our toes, as we identify and evaluate opportunities for our clients, while monitoring the changes that may impact budget or strategy. Over time, we’ve seen Google introduce the “Reserve Action” feature to the SERP, mainly with restaurant orders, fitness class bookings and appointments, which caused us to dig in a little deeper to understand the opportunity for some of our brands. Take a look at what we found in Clay Cazier’s recent blog.
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democrat donkey usa
// Trump Policies Prod Democrats In Particular To Give More, Study Says
It’s no secret that the political climate has activated more cause-driven behavior, particularly for those supporters of organizations that have been directly targeted by the Trump administration. But, how does political affiliation really weigh in when it comes to someone’s propensity to give, and how is the giving landscape shifting since Trump’s inauguration? Our VP of Nonprofit Strategy, Bethany Maki, provides some insight in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.
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personalized experiences
// The Prioritization of Personalization
With all of the technology and tools to create more personalized experiences for consumers, are brands perhaps overthinking it? Check out our CEO, Chris Paradysz’s, thoughts in Glossy/Digiday, where he discusses the simpler mechanisms for personalization – at the foundation, understanding someone’s shopping preferences and individual needs, and later, leveraging technology to ‘surprise and delight’.
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emarketer article
// Facebook’s Ad Juggernaut Approaches Middle Age
Now 11 years old, the Facebook Newsfeed continues to be the central source of engagement and interaction between consumers and their friends, and of course, advertisers and brands. And while Facebook has taken measures to evolve its solutions to advertisers over time, some question whether the Newsfeed environment itself must change in order to keep the offerings fresh. In eMarketer’s latest report, our VP of Paid Media, Ed Camargo, offers his thoughts on why Facebook may need to consider a more dynamic, Snapchat-like approach over the long term.
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chrome changes
// The Latest Google Changes & What They Mean For CPCs
Shifts in the AdWords ecosystem are fairly common, as Google continues to work towards a better experience for searchers, and a more refined approach to search for advertisers. Luckily, none of the changes have been quite as dramatic as last year’s farewell to right rail desktop ads; however, our teams have taken close note of how more recent changes may impact CPCs over the long term. Take a look at our latest blog from search expert, Sarah Wagner, where she discusses how close variant keywords and updates to Ad Rank thresholds play a role in paid search budgets and overall strategy.
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