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amazon strategy
// The Amazon Strategy – Do You Have One?
Within recent years, Amazon has quickly become a significant presence in the retail sphere, and continues to evolve in order to meet the demands of consumers that shop on the platform. For some, Amazon is a competitor, and for others, Amazon represents a collaborative opportunity and a partner in distribution, reach and scale. Check out our blog post, where we’ve analyzed opportunities from both ends of the spectrum so that brands can determine what their best “Amazon Strategy” is.
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gen z-vr
// Why Digital-Native Gen Z’ers Will Crave VR Done Right
Our SVP of Creative Strategy, Roy DeYoung, weighs in on the new generation that will soon represent 40 percent of US Consumer spending, and why brands may need to rethink their tactics to engage them. With their digital-focused and experience-driven mindset, Gen Z may be the right target audience for companies exploring the opportunities of virtual reality, in order to draw increased engagement and attention to their brand.
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trump giving
// How Trump Has Changed How We’re Giving to Charity
PMX Agency and NRG weigh in on the changes Trump’s presidency has had on charitable giving. Check out the latest coverage in Fast Company that details our findings, and explores which causes both Republicans and Democrats plan to donate to, and how giving behavior has ultimately changed from Trump’s inauguration and the Women’s marches, to his first 100 days in office.
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prime wardrobe
// Amazon Wardrobe is Another Blow to Department Stores
Currently with the mass amount of retail store closings and the decline of mall foot traffic, players like Amazon have evolved their online shopping offerings in order to capture more customers. Amazon Wardrobe, offered exclusively for Prime members, gives shoppers the chance to try before you buy, creating a more convenient, seamless shopping experience. Our SVP of Account Management, Andrea Timmerman, offers her thoughts on the new Amazon Prime solution to MarketWatch.
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