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back to basics
// Back to the Basics: The Customer Experience Edition
As sophisticated marketers, we make it our business to stay ahead of trends, keep up on the latest technology, and continue to re-evaluate strategies and media mixes to ensure optimal performance. But as we enter this new year, we must remind ourselves that even the most robust attribution tool, or the newest dynamic display creative won’t add much value if we’re not structured with marketing basics at the foundation. Read the first of our miniseries, Back to the Basics, focused on laying the groundwork for amazing customer experience.
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2017 resolutions
// Fewer Influencers, More Conversations: Fashion’s 2017 Resolutions
The fashion landscape continues to evolve alongside emerging consumer expectations. As we enter 2017, fashion execs must juggle the complexity of new technologies, shopping innovation techniques and the growing influence of their customers. What are some of fashion’s most important resolutions for the New Year? Read thoughts in Glossy from PMX Agency CEO, Chris Paradysz.
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local insurance
// Local Relevance Crucial To the Decision Journey of Insurance Customers
A strong local strategy, and local search in particular, has never been more critical for insurance professionals. With customers moving from broader brand awareness at a national level, down the funnel to finding a local agent, a local search strategy can ultimately help to deepen the understanding of customer needs across the entire buying journey, while being a primary driver of high-quality leads. Take a look at these recommendations for building out a smart local search strategy, while maintaining brand voice consistency across all levels of the organization.
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// 5 Virtual Reality Trends for 2017 And Beyond
Will virtual reality finally become a viable tool for marketers and other business professionals in 2017? As we enter into the New Year, we’ll be interested to see how brands weave immersive experiences into their overall strategy, and whether they can successfully leverage VR to their advantage. Read some thoughts from our in-house Creative Strategy expert, Roy DeYoung, as he discusses how fashion and retail companies, in particular, can thrive with a VR content play.
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