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Pinterest Paid Search
// The Strategic Opportunities of Pinterest Paid Search
As Pinterest continues to evolve its search platform to provide more valuable opportunities for both users and marketers, the company’s recent announcement of its further expansion into paid search is an intriguing one for the industry. Take a look at our overview of Pinterest’s new offerings, including Keyword and Shopping Campaigns, as well as some of the strategic opportunities for marketers to reach Pinterest’s highly engaged audience.
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2017 social
// Here’s What To Expect In Social & Content In 2017
In marketing, we love to say, “The only constant is change.” In the case of social and content marketing, change also means more innovation and enriched customer experiences. We’ve identified some of the top trends to come this year, spanning from more immersive content formats, increased adoption of messaging apps, and greater paid and organic team synchronization. Read more from our in-house expert, Toni Box!
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// Where E-Commerce Thrives & Where It Fails
As brands see increased success in the eCommerce and mobile commerce space, they must also think about carrying over the personalized, immersive experience of the store to their online offering. According to our co-CEO, Mike Cousineau, retailers can focus on new technology tactics to enhance their site experience; but, simplicity is also key when it comes to shopping online and on mobile devices. Take a look at some more of his insight here.
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2017 checkup
// 2017 Checkup – The Nonprofit Edition
With end of year behind us, it’s time for nonprofit organizations to buckle down and get serious about 2017 planning. With the overall state of fundraising being in flux due to an uncertain political and cultural climate, nonprofits should focus on strengthening their message, and getting it out to the right constituents. Check out this list of “2017 resolutions” from our in-house digital nonprofit expert, Bethany Maki, as she lays the groundwork for a successful year in fundraising.
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Gen Z
// The Gen Z Out-Of-House Social Experience
Gen Z has become an increasingly fascinating, and critical audience for marketers to reach. More aware of their cultural, political and financial environments, Gen Z’ers require a more nuanced approach that focuses on quality products, cause-based messaging and authenticity, to name a few techniques. Read this story in MediaPost with Gen Z advice from our own Roy DeYoung, SVP of Creative Strategy.
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