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Creative Spaces Ep. 4
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// The Transformative Me (1 min)
I am the new focus. Know me, understand me. “I am the new luxury” has become a reaction to the always-on accessibility of the world we live in. Today, the consumer is making choices based, not on brands, but on the way an experience with a brand or product is able to connect him/her to a more meaningful and personally gratifying state of being.
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// Engaging the ‘New Consumer’ (3 min)
While retailers with an already strong value proposition are looking for a different silver bullet solution to engage customers, the real solution lies in how we activate that value proposition. Retailers that are bringing engaging experiences to life are successfully doing so by, intentionally, not emphasizing the buying process, but rather focusing on the social aspect of shopping.
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Creative Spaces Ep. 4 clip3
// Looking Ahead (2 min)
As marketers, we have a responsibility to deliver experiences to the consumer that are interesting and offer different, and new perspectives. As the consumer changes, and new technologies emerge, we can’t rely on past success only – we must push the boundaries of new and innovative to create real value for consumers.
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Creative Spaces Ep. 4 clip4
// Thinking Differently to Break Through the Problem (1 min)
Balancing strategy with time and investment devoted to innovation can help retailers to break through some of the challenges they face with the evolving consumer. Rather than making small, intermittent changes, now is the time that brands should be thinking about larger cultural and organizational change that emphasizes thinking differently.
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Creative Spaces Ep. 3
// Episode 3: Capturing Customer Passions
In Episode 3 of Creative Spaces, Boston Proper President, Sheryl Clark, talks about identifying personally with the Boston Proper woman, and how that allows her to deliver product and brand experiences that are deeply tied to customers’ passions and aspirations for how she wants to feel, look and live her life.
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