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social media content
// Why Social Media Creative Can Make or Break Your Social Content Strategy
As brands grapple with the complexity of designing the right experiences for consumers, while battling for customer loyalty in an increasingly Amazon-centric world, great content and storytelling mechanisms can offer brands a unique advantage. Read part one of our social media creative analysis, where Group Director of Social & Content, Toni Box, details the top considerations that influence a brand’s ability to connect meaningfully through social creative.
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Gen Z shops
// Luring Generation Z with Coding Workshops, Cafes & Classes
The retail industry continues to face critical questions around reimagining the in-store experience, but that objective becomes even more important when dealing with Generation Z. Our SVP of Creative Strategy, Roy DeYoung, sat down with Women’s Wear Daily to discuss how supplementing product in the store with a unique experience can help to attract young Gen Z’ers.
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// What the Jimmy Choo Acquisition Says for the Future of Michael Kors
With much movement in the luxury space, industry execs were not surprised to see the partnership between Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors unfold. More specifically, MK’s acquisition of Jimmy Choo reflects an important opportunity for fresh, new growth, bringing back the allure of “gotta have it” products. Our CEO, Chris Paradysz, weighs in on the acquisition, what it means for both brands, and how M&A’s such as these impact the luxury industry.
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department store
// The Mis-Identity of the Modern Department Store
Store closings and waning foot traffic have plagued the retail industry for some time, and department stores, in particular, have felt the pressure. In our recent blog post, we’ve offered a view into another side of the conversation around in-store experience, and whether department stores are in the midst of a greater identity crisis. Read about how department stores can reimagine themselves to begin recapturing the interest of consumers.
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Catalyst podcast with Roy DeYoung
// Catalyst Podcast: How Marketers (& Employers) Must Adapt to Generation Z
We’ve all heard of Gen Z, but understanding the nuances of this important generation of consumers has been an ongoing learning process for marketers. In the latest episode of the Catalyst Podcast, Roy DeYoung joins host, Ryan Jenkins, to discuss how Gen Z’s experience of the world can be applied to smart marketing tactics that keep them engaged. Listen to the full conversation.
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