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giving tuesday
// How the American Heart Association Won Giving Tuesday with Help From Social, Search
In Marketing Dive‘s latest feature, our VP of Nonprofit Strategy, Bethany Maki, and American Heart Association’s National Director of Digital Fundraising, Andrew Magnuson, discuss how Giving Tuesday has evolved from a single giving day, to a broader integrated marketing campaign that leverages multiple channels to reach donors. Read what worked for AHA, and what insights they learned in order to further develop their future giving day strategies.
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bff rocks
// Why Your Social Media Manager Should Be Your Best Friend
Marketers: are you tapped into all the channels that you use to reach your customers, or are you still living in silos? Check out our latest blog about all the opportunities you’re likely missing out on by not connecting with your social media team. It’s time to sit together at the table to share insights, strategies and mutual KPIs – you certainly won’t regret it!
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exact-ish match
// Changes Coming To Google Exact Match: What They Mean For You
Google is making a change to Exact Match that may allow brands to capture more traffic based on close variant matching – aimed to compensate for variations of a search phrase that otherwise don’t change the end user’s intent, but might impact the ads that ultimately get triggered. Ahead of the official changes set to roll out in late April, here are the most important details, as well as some things we’d recommend advertisers pay close attention to in order to avoid losing out on qualified traffic. Don’t miss this blog!
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// Brands: Know Your Place
In today’s polarizing political climate, brands are reaching beyond their traditional messaging to take a position on some of the prevalent social, environmental and cultural issues facing consumers today. While some companies have been able to do so effortlessly, aligning their audience and brand essence with a positive cause, others have perhaps missed the mark. Take a look at what our in-house creative and brand strategy expert, Roy DeYoung, had to say about the topic.
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Creative Spaces
// Podcast: Fashion, Leadership & Creativity with Boston Proper’s Sheryl Clark
In a world of limitless choice, the power to stand out comes from a brand’s authenticity and its ability to continually inspire audiences. In episode 3 of Creative Spaces, we are joined by Boston Proper CEO, Sheryl Clark, as she discusses her personal and professional journey in the world of fashion, and the brand’s path to embrace and empower the Boston Proper woman. Sheryl also shares her journey as a leader, emphasizing the importance of creative freedom and expression in teams, listening and collaboration, and a certain fearlessness that allows bold and breakthrough ideas to come to fruition. Listen to the full podcast of Episode 3.
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