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jeff johnson
// PMX Agency Welcomes Former iProspect Global Chief Client Officer, Jeff Johnson, as Executive Vice President
PMX Agency has named Jeff Johnson as its Executive Vice President. In the role, Johnson will work closely with the agency’s Corporate Development and Marketing teams to help lead the strategy and cultivation of omnichannel, global opportunities for brands served by PMX. Having most recently acted as iProspect’s Global Chief Client Officer, Johnson brings deep expertise in the service and growth of enterprise brands and businesses at global scale. We are thrilled to have Jeff onboard!
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rage philanthropy
// Philanthropy In 2017 Saw The Rise Of Trump-Powered Giving
Over 2017, we saw the concept of rage philanthropy arise. Impassioned donors were driven to give to causes that they believed to be under threat by the new presidential administration. But is rage giving behavior sustainable? Read more in Fast Company about our thoughts on the longevity of “rage philanthropy,” and how it will likely evolve as we move into 2018.
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// We Have the Data, But We Need Better Ways To Activate It
While marketers today have access to richer data than ever before, there are still significant challenges in measuring and activating it. As marketers seek efficiency and profitability, and consumers seek quality, engaging media experiences, brands must lean on both technology and human insight. Read our opinion piece in the Data-Driven Thinking section of AdExchanger, authored by VP of Paid Media, Ed Camargo.
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premium luxury
// Luxury Brands Must Guard Themselves Against Emerging Threats
The “Threat From Premium Brands to High-Luxury” panel during Luxury FirstLook 2018: Exclusivity Redefined on Jan. 17 discussed the many different pressures being exerted on luxury, from the consumer’s changing definition of “luxury”, to Amazon, and other premium players. PMX Agency CEO, @chrisparadysz, offered his thoughts about the changing luxury consumer on the panel. See full coverage of the event here.
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facebook 2018
// Getting Back To Its Roots – What Facebook’s Recent Newsfeed Change Means For Brands
In the midst of becoming the “everything for everyone” platform, Facebook has moved further from why it was originally created. As a result, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be making a sweeping change to the content seen by users on the platform. In effect, the newsfeed algorithm update will spark a shift in content from brands and publishers, to favoring content and interactions from friends and family. Read more about what this means for brands, and for consumer experiences on the platform.
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