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// Social Lessons for the Back-To-School Marketer
With the Back to School retail season in full swing, it’s important for marketers to be engaging customers not just through special offers and promotions, but through powerful storytelling. Read our social expert’s take on why engaging influential bloggers and leveraging social media as a storytelling platform is a key to success for back-to-school marketing.
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// In A Mobile-Centric World, SEO’s Job Has Never Been More Important
While organic real estate may be shrinking on mobile, the case for a strategic SEO partner has never been stronger. And today, mobile SEO means a lot more than just being mobile-friendly. With more clicks continuing to come through organic, mixed with the growing importance of local search and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) optimization, brands need a solid SEO program in order to stay top of mind for consumers.
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// Snapchat Takes Turn at Couture
Snapchat has been gaining tremendous momentum, not only with a range of active users, but also with more brands looking for dynamic social media marketing techniques. Leveraging its real-time, behind the scenes feel, fashion brands have been able to foster stronger one-to-one connections with their customers and Snapchat followers. As the social network grows more diverse in user base, we’ll likely see more brands test out the platform as a new mode of marketing and engagement. Read more of our thoughts in Women’s Wear Daily.
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View the Latest Social Index Here
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// See Ya Later, FBX. It’s Time to Embrace a New Era
It might be the end of Facebook Exchange, but it’s the beginning of a new era for advertisers looking to both leverage Facebook’s critical audience insights, and begin to focus their efforts more on mobile. With FBX out, advertisers can explore new opportunities through Facebook’s various Ad APIs, like Dynamic Ads. Read our thoughts on why this change is a great thing for marketers, as well as how to best utilize Dynamic Ads.
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data integration
// Decoding the Language of Marchitecture
For this year’s annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference, we’ve kicked off our second Bridge blog series, geared to address some of nonprofit marketers’ most critical challenges and opportunities. Our first topic surrounds the complex modern landscape of Marketing Technology; and while it’s a daunting one, your systems shouldn’t stop you from making a powerful impact on your donors! Check out this blog for insight into how to organize and prioritize your marketing stack and key data stakeholders.
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