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It’s All About Google Shopping!
March 2016
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Google Phases Out Right Hand Sidebar Ads
Google recently initiated a major shakeup to the paid and organic search landscape with its latest modification to the results page: the phase out of text sidebar ads. While the change is only active on desktop, it will certainly have widespread implications for both paid and organic advertisers alike. What’s Google’s motive for the change? How will this impact for performance of right bar PLAs? Will both paid and organic strategies need to shift? We’ve got answers for you!
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Google’s Latest Real Estate Play: A Test on PLAs
What might happen to Click Through Rates (CTRs) if Google were to present shoppers with not five, but sixteen Product Listing Ads, all on one results page? It’s a question that a lot of marketers are asking, as news of Google’s latest real estate test focused on PLAs recently hit the search and marketing trades. Read this blog on what the impact might be if Google standardizes this test in the Google Shopping landscape.
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Ever Run Into This PLA Problem? We’ve Got a Few Solutions For You
If you’re in the ecommerce game, you’re likely familiar with the Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy shared by manufacturers and retailers. And while there are some quick fixes to the issues that arise around MAP products, it’s important to recognize the impact these decisions have on your overall strategy. Read more about the solutions that help marketers to follow Google’s policy, while also keeping a strong relationship with their manufacturers and customers.
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Google Extends Mobile Merchant Promos
Since the shift to mobile devices occurred a couple years back, Google has been incredibly active in its mission to advance the overall mobile experience for end users, while simultaneously making it a more impactful medium for advertisers. That’s why it comes as little surprise that Google has chosen to further expand Merchant Promos on mobile. This is great news for Google Shopping advertisers, and gives them increased opportunities to distinguish their product ads from those of competitors’, while offering an effective method to intrigue shoppers to click. Could this ultimately mean more conversions on mobile?
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Can You Decipher This Warning from the Google Shopping Team?
Have you ever received a warning from the Google Merchant Center that claims your product listings have “generic or dysfunctional” landing pages? It likely left you confused, and wondering what the actual problem was. We’ve got insight into the potential issues that Google alludes to, and you might be surprised to find out what they are. Read more here!
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