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Google Ads layout
Google Ads Layout Changes: PM Digital Webinar

Google’s latest SERP change has advertisers wondering what the exact impact will be on their businesses. Have questions? Tune into the replay of our live webinar, featuring thoughts from PM Digital SEO and Paid Media experts: Clay Cazier, VP of Natural Search Strategy and Valerie Davis, Senior VP of Paid Digital Media. We’ll help you to think strategically about the changes so that your paid and organic programs remain strong.

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millenials enigma machine
Luxury fashion houses are starting to crack the secret to attracting millennials

The 18-34 age demographic represents one of the most powerful consumer groups in the market, which is why brands continue to seek out answers for “cracking the millennial code.” Read this article from Business Insider UK that discusses what some of the successful luxury fashion and retail brands have done to win millennials over, and transform them into lifetime value customers. PM Digital CEO, Chris Paradysz, shares his expertise on the matter.

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runway shopping cart
Runway to Retail: What Took So Long?

Fashion brands like Burberry, Tom Ford and Rebecca Minkoff are initiating a radical change in the runway to retail sales cycle by making their collections instantly available after shows. The goal, as told by Burberry CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey, is to marry the experience of the runway show with the moment shoppers physically explore the collection themselves. Read this article in Retail Dive for more comments from Chris Paradysz, CEO of PM Digital.

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print ads - extra extra!
The Political Advertising Landscape & Vote Behavior: A Case Study on Print

To appeal to the needs of today’s consumer, the political advertising landscape has shifted tremendously, with candidates now spending heavily in mobile, social media and other digital channels. While voters are following the election more closely on mobile during this season, print news still plays a significant role in keeping consumers informed about important political happenings. Read our case study that explores the impact all these changes have had on print media, and how the channel may actually be experiencing more success than you’d think.

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facebook ad basics
Facebook Ad Campaigns 101: Know Your Data

Every day, new opportunities, capabilities and ways to better connect emerge in the social media landscape. With all the complex changes, it’s sometimes easy to forget even the most basic strategies that are crucial to overall success. For instance, a strong Facebook ad campaign comes with the ability to tell a great story with your data; but if that data isn’t organized and segmented from the get go, you may be facing some major challenges down the road to determine what’s working and what’s not. Read these critical first steps to setting up a Facebook ad campaign that may save you some time and efforts in the future.

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go dark on google
Why You Should Pay for Your Brand Terms: A ‘Go Dark’ Campaign Case Study

Paid search has been a core ingredient for many advertisers, but we also know that the environment has undergone a substantial amount of changes. While the SERP continues to change, branded SEM programs still play a substantial role in maintaining visibility on both mobile and desktop, while complementing non-brand and SEO efforts. Read about a “Go Dark” test that we ran that resulted in some very telling data about why paying for your brand terms is a must.

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no ads on serp
Google Phases Out Right Hand Sidebar Ads

There’s been a dramatic shakeup to the paid search landscape on desktop: Google’s removal of right-hand sidebar text ads. The impact of this change will touch both paid and organic advertisers, as the top paid spots become increasingly competitive. Read our initial reaction to the SERP change, and stay tuned for more updates and recommendations as we learn more about the update.

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Brands Social Index
PM Digital’s Social Index

Are you featured on our Social Index? Each month, we release a Social Index that tracks over 400 of the top online retailers. To get a preview of the month’s index, click here. If you’d like your brand to be included in the ranking or if you’d like to add colleagues to the monthly distribution list, please email

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