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Paradysz + PM Digital’s monthly newsletter is designed to help you stay informed on the breaking topics and issues that drive our discussions every day. Additionally, we’ve also gathered some of our own insights from Paradysz+ PM Digital’s thought leaders, and we hope you will find the content to be relevant and beneficial. Enjoy!

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PM Digital Featured in Advertising Age’s Creativity Online

Last month, Paradysz + PM Digital launched its original video and podcast series, Creative Spaces, a project that puts creativity as the centerpiece for developing the solutions to today’s most critical marketing challenges. Our first installment is now available to be viewed on Advertising Age Creativity Online, a special section of the leading marketing and advertising publication’s site, home to the industry’s foremost creative work and insights. For access to the podcast version, click here.

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Evolution of the Keyword: Is it Time to Consider Alternative Solutions?

Keyword research, strategies and buildouts have always, and continue to be a core ingredient in the discipline of search marketing. But given the dynamic nature of the Google search engine, in addition to the multitude of ad formats we work with today, should our understanding of keywords and the overall value they bring to our programs evolve? Read our latest thoughts on the success stories of PLA and DSA programs, and how they may influence marketers to fine-tune their budget allocation and overall SEM strategy.

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Is Content Marketing a Strategy, a Tactic, or a Channel?

Content Marketing is a growing field, and an area that many people and companies are focused on right now. However, the question that often emerges from discussions is, where does it fit within an organization? Is content marketing a channel like SEO, Paid or Social Media? Is it a tactic within a digital marketing channel? Is it part of an SEO or social media program? Is it a strategy you use to support an overall marketing goal? Read the answers to these important questions from our Senior Director of Content Marketing, Rachel Lindteigen.

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9 Reasons Why Personalized Marketing Still Isn’t Accurate

Today’s customers expect timely and accurate personalized experiences. However, most organizations are still unable to deliver them. Despite significant technology investments and the availability of more data sources than ever, companies are struggling to gain relevant and actionable insights that enhance the overall customer experience. Before turning to third party resources, marketers can actually leverage the wealth and depth of customer data already available at their fingertips. Read more of our thoughts, featured in InformationWeek.

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16 Insiders Weigh in on Digital Marketing in 2016

Overall, marketers agree that if 2015 cemented the shift to mobile and weathered the rise of ad blocking, then 2016 will be the year when social media marketing muscles its way to the forefront and personalization takes priority with the help of Little Data. Marketing Dive asked 16 digital marketing experts to weigh in on their predictions for the coming year, including PM Digital CEO, Chris Paradysz’s, insight on the importance of video and live stream experiences.

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A Brief Guide to the Modern Day SERP

What used to come to mind when marketers thought of a search engine results page (SERP) are components that fall into two major categories: paid and organic. It seems like a far off universe where things were that black and white, because the modern SERP we know today has drastically transformed. Images, knowledge panels, tweets and featured snippets are just a few of the additions to an SEO’s repertoire. In order to better understand the opportunities and challenges here, we thought it might be a good idea to conduct an overview of the major “players” in today’s SERP. Check them out!

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PM Digital’s Social Index

Are you featured on our Social Index? Each month, we release a Social Index that tracks over 400 of the top online retailers. To get a preview of the month’s index, click here. If you’d like your brand to be included in the ranking or if you’d like to add colleagues to the monthly distribution list, please email

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