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pm digital and seoclarity webinar on google mobile algorithm update
Mobilegeddon Has Finally Arrived

If your site isn’t ready, don’t panic. Google’s Mobile Algorithm update is rolling, so you still have time to make changes and get your site re-indexed. PM Digital and seoClarity hosted a webinar to help brands understand the scope and impact of the algorithm change, and give you specific instructions on how to minimize the impact. To see how much your site will be impacted and what to do next, catch a replay of the webinar here.

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search engine land article by rachel lindteigen
Measuring Success for Your Local SEO Program in 5 Easy Steps

April marks the beginning of Q2 — which means you should be reviewing your local SEO program’s performance over the last quarter to see how you’ve done. Did you achieve the goals you had for Q1? If you’re not sure, then it’s time to walk through a quarterly business review (QBR) so you can find out whether your strategy is working or whether it should be adjusted now for the next quarter.

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gmail sponsored promotions
Gmail Sponsored Promotions

After two years, Google still has not released their Gmail Sponsored Promotions feature from Beta. Despite its limited rollout thus far, GSP still has the potential to be very beneficial for email marketers. If you’re not familiar with Google’s GSP, it is an ad format for personal Gmail accounts only. The format features both a teaser ad and an expanded ad unit.

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lipstick kiss on phone
Beauty is In the Eye of the Mobile-Device Holder

Our second annual Trend Report: Makeup and Skincare Brands Online explores the digital and mobile evolution of the beauty industry. The report focuses on 74 makeup and skincare brands (excluding hair, fragrances, and nails) to serve as a benchmark for the beauty sector. The beauty industry is evolving as legacy brands are joined by upstarts, and marketers are evolving their strategies to keep pace. No longer relegated to in-store experiences, consumers now have browsing options, social outlets, and virtual apps at their fingertips to explore new products, learn about their benefits, and be inspired.

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offline and online mail envelope
Offline to Online Direct Mail Analytics

The offline and online worlds are growing increasingly closer together. Brand marketers have figured out that syncing on and offline campaigns, rather than separating them, leads to more powerful engagements and customer analytics. Applying a solid cross-channel tracking foundation will also help those companies that are slowly but surely trying to initiate more online engagements with their core demographics. If you fear that combining the two may be too messy or unnecessarily confusing, click here for two simple solutions.

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facebook and data sift
Facebook Opens Up Their Wealth of Data

Advertisers have waited long, and somewhat impatiently, to get their hands on Facebook’s font of data. But until recently, Facebook has kept many of their user analytics and insights under lock and key. However, now through a new initiative, DataSift’s partnering advertisers will now have access to the Facebook’s Topic Insights. These advertisers will gain a better understanding of the topics that are driving discussions and engagements within Facebook’s network. With this data in their arsenal, those advertisers will then be able to better define and dictate how to insert themselves into these social conversations and drive engagement.

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pm digital social brand index
PM Digital’s Social Index

Are you featured on our Social Index? Each month, we release a Social Index that tracks over 750 of the top online retailers. To get a preview of the month’s index, click here. If you’d like your brand to be included in the ranking or if you’d like to add colleagues to the monthly distribution list, please email

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