On Tuesday, March 6th PMX Agency hosted our second annual Summit at Google NYC. This year’s event once again brought together over 150 digital marketers and a roster of expert speakers, who covered a range of this year’s most important industry challenges and opportunities, including Marketplaces, Emerging Tech in Action and the Redefined Media Landscape.

The session recordings are now available, including:

// STARTING WITH THE CUSTOMER: Audience-Centric Approach to Business Growth
What does Audience-Centric mean in 2018? Beyond planning your Audience strategy, we’re diving into the activation of Audiences, and how to track your personas back to business KPIs in order to evaluate overall performance.

// EMERGING TRENDS & TECHNOLOGY: What Matters in 2018
From big data, to machine learning, to Blockchain – how are technologies impacting our daily lives as marketers? How are they removing friction points for consumers? What are the real numbers when it comes to consumer adoption? This session covers the priorities, the benefits and the everyday applications of emerging technology in marketing in 2018.

In the session, we’re breaking down the media landscape in 2018 – from Connected TV to the changing dynamics of Facebook and other social platforms. We’ll look at how to align paid and organic efforts in order to drive business goals, while ensuring that you’re meeting your customers in the places they’re most engaged.

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