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PMX Agency webinar - charitable giving & advocacy in the Trump era
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2017 was an unprecedented year in the nonprofit sector, as we saw giving and advocacy behavior radically transform as result of the new presidential administration. A year later, however, the fire for what became known as, “rage philanthropy” is beginning to taper off slightly.

Webinar: The Future of Giving Beyond the Trump Era – Wave 3
Wednesday, April 4th, 2018
12:30pm – 1:30pm E.T.

In our newest webinar, we’ll help to break down the stories that data from our Wave 3 survey tells, while answering questions like:

• How can nonprofits think beyond single campaigns or moments-in-time to create sustainable, meaningful engagement with constituents.
• How to maintain awareness of significant news events and other prevalent issues that correlate to giving and advocacy.
• How to think about full-funnel marketing strategies that focus not only on brand equity, but also connecting with constituents through broader cause and issue-based storytelling.
• How to capture and cater to Millennial passion, which remains at an all-time high.
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