Tapping Creativity to Solve Marketing Challenges

Intimate conversations that showcase the power of creativity and its critical role in addressing and solving problems across the marketing landscape.
With explorations in art, music, business and technology – recorded live at PMX Agency’s New York City Headquarters

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Episode 3 – Sheryl Clark, Boston Proper

In a world of limitless choice, the power to stand out comes from a brand’s authenticity and its ability to continually inspire audiences. In episode 3 of Creative Spaces, we are joined by Boston Proper CEO, Sheryl Clark, as she discusses her personal and professional journey in the world of fashion, and the brand’s path to embrace and empower the Boston Proper woman. Sheryl also shares her journey as a leader, emphasizing the importance of creative freedom and expression in teams, listening and collaboration, and a certain fearlessness that allows bold and breakthrough ideas to come to fruition. Listen to the full podcast of Episode 3 here.



Taking Risks

Small Wins & Big Success

Capturing Passions


Episode 2 – Jourdan Urbach

Creativity is the root of successful entrepreneurship, and in Episode 2 of Creative Spaces, we’re joined by serial entrepreneur and retired classical violinist, Jourdan Urbach, to discuss his various ventures in creativity. Led by PMX Agency CEO, Chris Paradysz, and renowned NYC bassist, Mike Visceglia, the interview takes a deep dive into the critical moments of creative vulnerability, and how they have the power to transform ideas into break-through solutions for the challenges that businesses face every day. Jourdan shares his unique journey from professional musician to tech entrepreneur, his methods for fostering innovation in a team, and the ways he has been able to successfully utilize creative problem solving to bring new value to the world.

The Power of Creative Expression

The Entrepreneur’s Need to Problem Solve

Innovating Mobile Video

Empowering the Creator

Fostering Innovation in a Team

Performance – Jourdan Urbach, Chris Paradysz & Mike Visceglia


Episode 1 – Chris Paradysz with Mike Visceglia and Rebecca Haviland

The worlds of music and marketing converge. In our kickoff episode of Creative Spaces, PMX Agency CEO, Chris Paradysz, is joined by renowned bassist, Mike Visceglia, and multi-instrumentalist/singer, Rebecca Haviland. Our interviewees discuss the powerful benefits of applying an open and creative mindset in the musical setting, and how marketers can draw connections to tap creativity within their organizations and in interactions with today’s complex consumer. Through the elements of risk-taking, trust and a shared dedication to creative exploration, musicians and marketers are able to determine innovative solutions to the problems they face on a daily basis.

Performance – Mike Visceglia and Rebecca Haviland perform “Left of Center”, a Suzanne Vega cover.

Inside the Music

Check out recordings, photos and videos of live performances of the PMX Agency house band, One Louder.