Our agency’s giving program, Rebuilding Hope, announced a year ago, has been more of a success story than we ever could have imagined. At a moment when our time has become even more precious, getting an entire organization to create it and, then, give it away has been incredibly inspiring. Coordinating over 300 people’s passions and ideas for giving back has been worth every second of what it gave to others.

When we hear about unfortunate incidents occurring across the world, that seem to happen far too often now, the last thing we want to feel is powerless. In our professional lives, we know that taking action and risks is where power and impact lives. It’s what we do for a living. And, Rebuilding Hope is, collectively, part of inspiring and creating positive change. Imagine, an entire company dedicating itself across the year, for one day or two half days and all paid for, and what it can do? No checking emails and texts or taking calls. Just absolute dedication to whatever it is that we choose and an opportunity to connect directly with people.

If you have a moment, visit our site at Rebuilding Hope to see what your commitment to us has created! We love our jobs and, especially working so hard for you.

Together with you, we’re more than strategists and analysts, marketers, creatives and media experts, finance, and operations talent. We work with you to create impact. For you, ourselves, our company, consumers and humanity.

We hope that you and your loved ones have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season and an extraordinary 2017.

Thank you,

Chris Paradysz,
Michael Cousineau &
The entire PMX Agency team

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