The PMX Agency Summit: Connect X Perform, was held on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017, at Google’s Headquarters in New York City. In partnership with Google, this invitation-only event featured a select group of industry thought leaders engaged in an insightful discussion around what’s next in the world of digital marketing.

Speakers from Google, PMX Agency, as well as top brands and industry partners, provided a forward-looking perspective on topics such as: the mobile experience, attribution, content and the radically evolving consumer – with actionable strategies to make 2017 the most successful year yet.

With an agenda hand-crafted to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated marketers, the event helped brands strengthen their connections with customers and provided transformative ideas, opportunities and networking aimed to help our clients outperform their competition.


Sloan Seymour, EVP of Corporate Development, PMX Agency
Chris Paradysz, CEO & Co-Founder, PMX Agency

The Laws of Friction

Chris Paradysz, CEO & Co-Founder, PMX Agency

Change is inevitable, but in today’s technologically-driven age, it is happening ever faster. We have two choices: Adapt and ride the wave, or resist and be crushed under it.

Realignment and the Changing World

Mark Penn, President and Managing Partner, The Stagwell Group

Stories from the Front Line

Chris Paradysz, CEO & Co-Founder, PMX Agency
Theresa Duerr, Director of Digital Marketing, Quill
Mark Friedman, President E-Commerce, Steve Madden
Andrew Magnuson, National Director of Digital Fundraising at American Heart Association
Sam Norpel, Vice President of Digital Commerce, David’s Bridal

Connecting meaningfully with the “always-connected” constituent requires marketers to think differently about strategy constantly. But moving at the speed of innovation is no easy task! From mobile optimization, to the convergence of performance and brand marketing, to the promise of technology, marketers face new challenges and opportunities daily. In this special PMX Agency client panel session, you’ll hear from a diverse group of brands about common challenges, big wins and the path towards successful integrated solutions that build connections with audience and help meet organization goals.

The Mobile Imperative

Tim Lippa, VP of Strategy, PMX Agency

Marketer and audience confidence in the mobile experience is up, which means that in 2017, the competition will be fiercer than ever before. As mobile advertising, shopping and app experiences surge, winning in the age of smartphones is no longer equivalent to simply “doing mobile right”. With a multitude of mobile campaign opportunities, and optimization tactics for enhancing the customer / constituent buying journey, it’s time to push beyond the basics to separate your mobile experience from the pack.
Are you truly mobile-first? In the second part of this interactive session, we’ll put your brand’s mobile experience to the test!

The New Age of Content

Nicole Jennings, SVP of Paid Media, PMX Agency
Clay Cazier, VP, PMX Agency
Toni Box, Sr. Director, PMX Agency

Mastering the omnichannel universe starts first with the integration of teams. And yet as marketers work to both create connected brand experiences for their audience, and glean cross-channel insights from the entire marketing funnel, why is it that some teams still exist apart? With the definitions of “content” blurred by today’s connected, multi-platform audience, we too must evolve the ways we look at paid, organic and social marketing strategy, in order to create one unified content experience. In this session, you’ll learn how to think differently about content team integration– including the methods to bridge brand and performance goals, create aligned content experiences for customers, and capture greater return on spend through a collective evaluation of success across channels.

Next Gen Marketing

The Future of Search – AI & All Things Voice Activated
Val Davis, SVP of Strategy, PMX Agency

The New Audience Realities – Explorations of VR

Roy DeYoung, SVP of Creative, PMX Agency

Attribution & Measurement – Getting Closer to One View

Michael McVeigh, VP of Performance Management, PMX Agency

In a never slowing and constantly changing industry, knowing what’s next is the competitive advantage that all brands are vying for. Innovation is the name of the game, which means coming to the table with the right insights, teams and resources is key to determining where the most valuable opportunities lie for your brand. In this session, hear about the hottest trends and changes on the horizon for 2017 – from VR, to AI, to Attribution.


Chris Paradysz, CEO & Co-Founder, PMX Agency
Fiona McBain, Creative Partner, PMX Agency
Michael Visceglia, Creative Partner, PMX Agency

Closing Remarks

Chris Paradysz, CEO & Co-Founder, PMX Agency
Mike Cousineau, CEO, PMX Agency