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With explorations in art, music, business and technology – recorded live at PMX Agency’s New York City Headquarters

//  Episode 4

Consumer values are changing. With a newfound emphasis on “me” as luxury, brands must pivot their strategy for engaging customers, to reflect the desire for transformative, personal experiences.

Key Insights:

  • Connectivity in consumers’ lives – there is a movement away from constant connectivity, and the world of ‘instant gratification’. For brands to meaningfully engage today’s consumer, there is a need to understand his or her changing values and what’s most important.
  • The De-Personalization of Personalization – the inundation of information and content today actually creates a more impersonal environment. Consumers are looking for a core connection with brands, that speaks to their unique needs and personal aspirations.
  • “I am the new focus. Know me, understand me.” – Beyond experiences, people want to engage in brand stories that tap into their transformative selves – today more than ever, it’s about “what do I feel?” “where do I want to be in life?” and “what am I passionate about?”.
  • Brands must earn the privilege to be intimate – The control is in consumers’ hands, and to develop a personalized, intimate relationship with customers, brands need to earn trust. We no longer own the dialogue.
  • You need humans to get at the nuance – Data and analytics capabilities today help brands to develop more contextual relevancy when engaging consumers, but even the best applications of AI or data need the unique human perspective.

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