Putting Everyday Data to Work

At IRCE 2016, we welcomed 13 innovative technology providers to be a part of the theater and share their perspectives and solutions with attendees. As a blog series, we will share some of the [...]

What’s Next for Big Data?

Big Data: The overused buzzword of the last few years. Everyone talks about it; the concept of what it is, and what it’s not, and how critical it is. The truth is, Big Data exists in every sector [...]

How to Win Big in 2015

Our 2015 Strategic Planning Guide explores the emerging technologies and initiatives that will shape brand marketing performance in 2015. This Guide shares the ways in which you can ensure [...]

Hashtags as Big Data

Since they first appeared in 2007, hashtags have been a core part of Twitter’s success – they are a quick way to connect your content to others’ related content and, in doing so, [...]

Big Data Buzz

“Big Data” is the industry buzzword that has been gaining significant traction over the last year, and like some other marketing trends, this is not a topic that you can expect will fade with [...]