Brand Safety on Google

Digital advertisers have never had so many levers for control of where, when and how their digital ads can be placed. However, the automated technology in place to make all this happen at scale [...]

The Implications of Methbot

Though the digital advertising industry has evolved leaps and bounds in the way of transparency and fraud issues, the recent Methbot scandal is a reminder that we still have far to go. If you’re [...]

PMX Agency Hot Jobs Preview: August

While it may not be getting any cooler just yet, the summertime is certainly winding down, and many of our clients have begun to shift the focus to end-of-year and holiday planning. Yes, holiday [...]

2016: The Year of Display?

“2016 will be the year in which digital display ad spending surpasses search ad spending in the US,” according to eMarketer’s latest report on digital advertising developments in 2016. More [...]

Q4 Holiday Tune Up’s

Greetings, PM Digital blog readers! We’re about halfway through our 2015 Holiday Planning Guide Series, which means you’re probably busy in the weeds of campaign preparation and execution! We [...]

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