Q4 Holiday Tune Up’s

Greetings, PM Digital blog readers! We’re about halfway through our 2015 Holiday Planning Guide Series, which means you’re probably busy in the weeds of campaign preparation and execution! We [...]

Get More Out of Your Q4

Q4 is now in full swing, which means that your affiliate campaign will likely generate more traffic, and hopefully, more conversions! While your affiliate strategy this season has likely already [...]

Extreme Luxury Couponers

Luxury and discount do not usually go hand in hand. However, with the success of coupon affiliate sites more luxury retailers and multi-brand stores (like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus), are [...]

Product Ads in Amazon Marketplace

You may have noticed some new changes in Amazon Marketplace. The CSE recently added product ads, sorted by total cost, to their offer listing pages. While these ads have actually been [...]

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