Hear Us Speak at NTC Next Year: Voting Is Now Open!

Next year in Portland, PMX Agency Nonprofit strategists will once again join more than 2,000 fundraisers and marketers at the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference. We have submitted three session proposals for next year’s event and it’s up to you to decide what presenters and topics make the cut!

We’ll be looking at how to leverage the power of lead gen content in a way that inspires action amongst your supporters, as well as methods for taking your creative testing to the next level, and finally, an actionable plan for making the right investments to meaningfully grow your program.

Check out all of our ideas below. Let us know which session you are interested in by casting your vote on the NTEN website before August 31st!

Happy voting! We’ll see you all in the Spring!

Session One

“The Art of the Lead Magnet: Using Sticky Content to Generate Leads”

In the nonprofit world, you’re used to giving away online content to engage your supporters and deliver on your mission. In the process, you may be missing opportunities to transform that interest and engagement into something more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create content offers and implement them on your website to grow your email list
  • Develop a plan for multi-channel promotion of lead magnets to generate leads
  • Incorporate lead magnets/content offers into the overall inbound marketing strategy

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Session 2

“Amp Up Your Testing Game – The Next Evolution of Creative Testing”

Creative excellence takes a village. And when your fundraising, marketing and Creative teams have different objectives, it can be challenging to maintain a happy medium. But, when fundraisers, marketers and Creatives align, that’s when the magic happens! Together, we can build sustainable testing methodologies that don’t only test for creative’s contextual relevance in any one channel, or in the constituent journey, but that really dig into the new forms of media across channels – to find the real, nitty-gritty behavior-changing elements that move the needle on your program. If you’re ready for your next phase of Creative Testing, join us!

Learning Outcomes

  • What’s new in the world of Creative Testing today – what’s possible and where do the biggest opportunities lie?
  • How do you surpass content and context relevance when it comes to testing Creative, to achieve new goals?
  • How to test where great Creative can really change donor/constituent behavior, and how to glean iterative learnings from these successes.

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Session 3

“Worth it? How to Invest Smart for Meaningful Program Growth”

Digital changed the game for fundraisers. But now we’re in the next evolution, where we need to think beyond direct-response and into the full-funnel environments that our constituents live in. From the largest to the smallest organizations, we’re here to talk candidly about where you’re putting your money. What are the infrastructure changes you need to think about to keep your program running, but with long term growth and innovation as new areas of focus? More than one and done revenue, we’re talking about really growing your program through re-focused priorities, investments and sustainable strategies

Learning Outcomes

  • What does it mean to evolve from direct response to full funnel performance digital marketing?
  • How to determine the right investments and infrastructure changes your organization needs to make, to achieve meaningful growth.
  • When you “can’t afford it”, how do you build a solid foundational program internally?

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