We’ll See You at Bridge and BBCon!

It’s almost time for the annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference, and we’re gearing up our session presentation for Track W5: “Left Brain Thinking: Creative Strategies & Technologies”. Check out the description of this engaging content track from Bridge:

We use the left side of our brain for logic and analysis. But we need to think creatively about what and how we analyze. How do you balance these essential ingredients of your fundraising portfolio? How do you uncover the true capacity and wishes of your donors? What kinds of analyses are truly effective? Get the answers to these critical questions and more.

We’re thrilled to be joining over two thousand expert marketers and fundraisers again at this year’s conference, as we get together to discuss the real challenges and opportunities we face on a daily basis, as well as the strategic growth plans and innovation roadmaps we aspire to build and achieve. This year, we’ve been focused on getting nonprofit clients even closer to their donors and constituents, as behaviors continuously evolve, and our methods for engaging and communicating become even more sophisticated – but with complexity, comes exciting opportunity!

At Bridge 2018, our Vice President of Nonprofit Strategy, Bethany Maki, will be leading a conversation alongside our amazing client at the American Heart Association, Andrew Magnuson, about the art and science behind Creative methodologies and tactics. Take a peak at our session overview, and find the key learning outcomes in the official Bridge program grid:

Session Title: Put Your Creative to Work! Creative Testing Across Paid Media Channels

Speakers: Bethany Maki & Andrew Magnuson

Session Day/Time: Wednesday, August 1st 11:15-12:30 – Breakout 2

Creative is the heart and soul of your nonprofit brand and fundraising initiatives, and can act as the powerful catalyst that evokes an emotion, and influences a donor to give to your cause. But, Creative doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all approach, nor does it always have a defined formula or set of best practices. From different audience needs, to different team goals, Creative that performs requires a partnership between the art and the science. In this session, we’ll be digging into how to bridge the gap between your Creative aspirational goals, and the data that powers your Creative strategy. We’ll look at smart methods for creative testing, what types of Creative work across different media channels, and how to form a collaborative working strategy across teams that aligns fundraising, marketing and Creative objectives. We’ll look at case studies from the American Heart Association, as well as a range of other organizations to illustrate how Creative was taken from concept to execution.

Have questions, thoughts or ideas about our session topic? Comment on this blog post, or give us a shout on social media (@PMXAgency)! Our goal is to make the time as interactive, and as relevant to your goals and programs as possible!

We’re also excited to be sponsoring Track W6: “Right Brain Thinking: Storytelling & Branding That Fuel Fundraising”. We’ll see everyone in a couple of weeks at the Bridge Conference!

Next up, and later this year, we’ll be speaking at Blackbaud’s annual BBCon in Orlando, FL. At this year’s event, our Senior Director of Digital Nonprofit Strategy, Donna Arriaga, will also be joining AHA’s National Director of Digital Fundraising, Andrew Magnuson, to talk about AHA’s strategy around Dynamic Ask Strings testing. See details on their session below:

Session Title: Dynamic Ask Strings: Building a Testing Framework

Speakers: Donna Arriaga & Andrew Magnuson

Session Day/Time: To Be Announced

What if you could be more personally relevant with your donors, not just through copy and creative, but through ‘the ask’ itself? To answer this question, the American Heart Association built a complete testing strategy around Dynamic Ask Strings, measuring lift in conversion and increased gift amounts. Hear their method!

Testing is a hot topic this year, particularly as it gets increasingly important to be able to use iterative learnings for future success. We’re looking forward to digging into testing methods, strategies and frameworks at BBCon in October! See you all, soon!

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