Trump-Inspired Rage Philanthropy May Be Burning Out

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In 2017, the inauguration of Donald Trump sparked an unprecedented rise in charitable donations as people concerned about the new administration’s stance on everything from women’s health to social justice, civil liberties, and immigration began giving heavily to nonprofits supporting those causes.

A year later, however, the fire for so-called “rage philanthropy” is burning down a bit. According to a recent report by the National Research Group and PMX, a marketing group, the amount of both charitable giving and advocacy has returned to around pre-inauguration levels.

The effect is true for both Democrats and Republicans, who have also been giving more to their own causes as a result of feeling more secure in the economy. But the decline is particularly pronounced among those with blue pocketbooks, who have reached a dispiriting financial reality: “The vast majority of Democratic voters are more concerned than ever before that the organizations they support will be defunded,” notes the report. “Their intention or ability to give more to every threatened cause, however, is not keeping pace with their increased levels of concern.”

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