Winning With Content: Staying Competitive With Amazon This Holiday Season

As retailers gear up for the most important months of the year, there are a variety of factors kept top-of-mind throughout the planning and optimization stages of holiday strategy.

Arguably more than ever, this year has seen significant hurdles to growth in the retail ecosystem, including mass retail store closings, more demanding and sophisticated consumer behaviors and attitudes and a new era in competitive e-commerce—mainly from online behemoth Amazon.

The ‘everything for everybody?’

While Amazon has been called the “everything for everybody” one-stop shop, it has not quite elevated itself to the position of a true brand experience.

If ease and convenience were some of the only things valued by consumers, it wouldn’t take much convincing to shepherd more shoppers onto the platform and keep them there for the long-term. But brand stories are still meaningful in the eyes of today’s consumers—there’s no doubt that our audiences are changing, but values and behaviors continue to demonstrate a desire to connect, to interact with compelling visuals and video storytelling and to aspire toward a lifestyle, and brands still live in that space.

Content is an avenue where brands can stay competitive with and, in many scenarios, even surpass Amazon’s influence. From tactical search-engine optimization and content discovery to rich imagery to tailored messaging, retailers can still have leverage this holiday season and into the New Year if they employ smart content marketing strategies as part of their overall playbook.

So, how can brands win with great content experiences this holiday season and stay competitive with Amazon? Here are some of our top tactics and recommendations:

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