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Over the upcoming months, PMX Agency nonprofit experts will join thousands of the industry’s top fundraisers, marketers and nonprofit executives at the first two big events of the 2018 Nonprofit calendar. We will be joining clients, The Nature Conservancy and the American Heart Association to speak during the events’ breakout sessions.

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Washington Nonprofit Conference; Day 2 – February 23, 2018

“Put Your Creative to Work! Creative Testing Across Media

9-10 AM Discover Track Session

Join our VP of Nonprofit Strategy, Bethany Maki, our Senior Director of Creative & Design, Kevin Limongelli, and the American Heart Association’s National Director of Digital Fundraising, Andrew Magnuson, for a candid conversation about how to achieve Creative excellence through a synergy of fundraising, marketing and Creative strategy!

Creative is the heart and soul of your nonprofit brand and fundraising initiatives, and can act as the powerful catalyst that evokes an emotion, and influences a donor to give to your cause. But, Creative doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all approach, nor does it always have a defined formula or set of best practices. From different audience needs, to different team goals, Creative that performs requires a synergy between the art and the science. In this session, we’ll be digging into how to bridge the gap between your Creative aspirational goals, and the data that powers your Creative strategy.  We’ll look at smart methods for creative testing, what types of Creative work across different media platforms, and how to form a collaborative working strategy across teams that aligns fundraising, marketing and Creative objectives. We’ll look at case studies from the American Heart Association, as well as a range of other organizations to illustrate how Creative was taken from concept to execution.

See the full program for the 2018 Washington Nonprofit Conference here

Nonprofit Technology Conference; Day 2 – April 12, 2018

“I’m Just a Pixel! Follow Your Data’s Journey Through the World of Pixeling

10:30-12 PM Program Track Session

Join our VP of Nonprofit Strategy, Bethany Maki, our VP of Performance Management, Michael McVeigh, and The Nature Conservancy’s Associate Director of Digital Acquisition, Elyse Wallnutt, for a session all about pixeling!

Schoolhouse Rock fans at NTC 2018: this session is for you!

Do you ever wonder about the different types of technology that enable great strategies across paid media channels? Are you truly leveraging the robust data learnings that can come out of your paid media analytics? In this session, we’re stepping outside the traditional non-profit CRM platforms we’re all familiar with, and stepping into the world of pixeling. It’s time to pull back the curtain on the technology behind your digital fundraising programs!

Pixels and tags may seem like a foreign language, but during this session, we’ll discuss the different types of pixeling and tagging, what value they provide, and how proper pixeling can enable greater insight and learning outcomes from your data. We’ll walk attendees through the journey of all the data that gets collected through pixeling, as well as the common challenges nonprofits face when pixels are not properly implemented for data capture for your campaign’s specific requirements. From tracking conversions to optimizing ad performance, to running effective ads from the get-go, this session of PMX Agency’s Schoolhouse Rock will enable smarter thinking about pixeling!

See the full program for the 2018 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference here

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