More Mobile Reliance on Black Friday, but Significant Growth Across the Board this Cyber Monday

As promised, we’re bringing you the wrap up of Cyber Monday performance, and it’s another growth story in the books! Overall, our clients saw paid search revenue increases of 16%, and orders up 21% over the previous year – a slight edge over Black Friday. And while mobile certainly had more play than ever before, the data tells an interesting story about the difference in mobile reliance on Black Friday versus Cyber Monday. Friday saw mobile orders up 50% (33% of overall orders), whereas we saw Cyber Monday mobile orders up only 35%. What that tells us is that savvy omnichannel shoppers are researching, browsing and buying across their mobile devices and in-store more frequently, relying not just on one channel to make their purchase decisions.

More Mobile Activity 

If they weren’t placing orders, shoppers were significantly more active on their mobile devices throughout both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as we saw almost equal year-over-year increases in clicks on mobile. Some brands even saw mobile traffic surpass desktop, as a result of the better accessibility and overall richer experience.

Some other key data points:

  • PLA exposure was, again, crucial for Cyber Monday success, with visual shopping continuing to be on the rise – orders placed on Google Shopping were up 61% year-over-year, with CPCs down 3%. We know Google took some pretty major measures this year to improve the Google Shopping experience, adding more detailed product knowledge panels and “Quick View” options within the ad units.
  • Cyber Monday was kind to paid search advertisers, with CPCs on both text and PLAs up only 5% across desktop, mobile and tablet collectively. That’s one of the lowest year-over-year increases we’ve seen during Holiday – a lot of which is driven by the shift to mobile, where CPCs are historically lower.
  • Significant Cyber Monday conversions happened after the 5 pm mark – different from Black Friday, where we saw shoppers more encouraged to buy during the early hours, driven by the traditional sense of urgency around in-store shopping. Many brands continued the Cyber Monday promotions beyond 11:59 pm and into the very early morning hours of Tuesday.
A Strong Kickoff to the Remaining Holiday Season

According to Adobe’s holiday performance data, Cyber Monday drove a giant $6.6B in online revenue, representing year-over-year growth of 16.8%. And online sales from November 1 through the 22nd totaled nearly $30.4B – 18% growth over 2016. With each day in November seeing $1B+ in online revenue, this is, by far, the strongest holiday weekend and month we’ve seen over recent years. All this being said, there’s still many days left of holiday shopping, and we’ll be watching performance closely – using the right messaging and media mix to keep customers engaged throughout the month of December!

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