Amazon Launches Shoppable Feed, Amazon Spark

All Amazon’s new Instagram-imitator Spark is missing is a Valencia filter.

The retail marketplace launched Amazon Spark for the U.S. in its mobile app today, rolling out a feed of shoppable photos posted by Prime Members. (Non-Prime members can view the Spark feed, but can’t post or react to others’ posts.) While some images are more product-heavy than others, all images link to featured items that are on sale and in stock on Amazon.

The feed, which is found under the app’s Programs & Features tab, also draws inspiration from Pinterest by asking users to select at least five topics they’re interested in, from Style and Fashion to Internet of Things, which then dictate the feed. But the user experience is set up to mirror Instagram, and Spark has tackled Instagram’s lack of shoppability right out of the gate.

It’s also easy to see how how the Spark influencers could find a way to get brands to pay for their posts down the line.

“It’s interesting, in terms of where we see influencer marketing headed. They’re going to have to strike the right balance of authenticity of the reviews; you don’t want brands partnering with influencers just for the sake of getting something in return,” said Toni Box, group director of content and social at PMX Agency. “We’re already seeing this start to happen across the influencer space, where the storytelling aspect is really critical.”

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