Here’s What to Expect in Social and Content in 2017

As marketing practitioners, one of our most loved phrases is, “The only thing constant is change.” It’s a reminder of how we must constantly transform and innovate in order to stay relevant to our customers’ rapidly evolving lifestyles.

As we look ahead into the new year and immerse ourselves in new strategies and creative techniques to build the best content experiences, it’s always an opportune time to break down some of the trends we’re seeing.

And while we may reflect back on the successes of the previous year, we also know there will be a new set of unique challenges and opportunities in 2017–particularly as the worlds of paid and organic content come closer together.

Take a look at some of the most important trends we identified as we prepare to reach new levels of success in 2017:

Check out the rest of our own, Toni Box’s, byline in Adweek Social Pro Daily.

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