Disruption is the Name of the Game at #DCNP2017

Today kicks off the first full day of content at the 2017 DMA Nonprofit Federation’s Washington Nonprofit Conference, and our teams are feeling energized about the stories of fundraising innovation and evolution we’ve heard so far. DMANF was certainly strategic in its program theme – “disruption” – reflective of not only the new tactics leveraged by the nonprofit marketing community; but perhaps, even more so telling of the unprecedented political and cultural atmosphere that exists today in the United States, and what that means for our industry.

Today, we find ourselves living through a reality we’d likely never quite anticipated before, and it’s clear that nonprofit organizations have felt some kind of impact regardless of where they may fall in the administration’s political spectrum. With the continually growing complexity of consumers, coupled with the changes of a Trump world, fundraising professionals find themselves faced with a unique set of challenges and opportunities to establish their voice and make the necessary impact. And we can’t agree more with DMANF, change is certainly in the air.

In the realm of nonprofits, change can be an unsettling word. But the fact of the matter is that our environment is changing, both internally within our own organizations, and outside in our donors’ universe. Change, and more specifically inventive tactics or creativity in strategy, is what allows organizations to break through the noise and connect meaningfully with their audiences. It’s why we continue to evaluate and re-evaluate the strategies we ideate around with our nonprofit clients. One such instance of evolution has come in the way we view the traditional #GivingTuesday campaign. What once began as a day back in 2012 to celebrate giving in a commercially-driven holiday season, has since transformed into something of a giving movement. And with that, the strategic formula for #GivingTuesday, the day, and #GivingTuesday, the end-of-year campaign, has required a more nuanced, thought out approach.

This afternoon, our own Bethany Maki, Vice President of Nonprofit Strategy at PMX Agency, will be joined by American Heart Association, City of Hope and Chapman Cubine and Hussey, to discuss the evolution of Giving Tuesday: from a singular focus on one giving day, to a more complete focus on how to leverage giving days to create a culture of charitable giving, and to further the organization’s mission throughout the year. While we hope this shift in focus will instill excitement and creative energy in the audience, we also know that it requires looking differently at the budget, the calendar, overall marketing strategies and staffing mix in order to adequately prepare for these opportunities.

With disruption all around us, both our loyal audiences and potential new donors will be looking to nonprofit organizations to continue to change with the tides. We look forward to sharing our insights around not only how to evolve your giving days approach, but also how to deal with integration, the power of social media, changing donor attitudes, and any other hot topics you might have on your mind as we move through 2017.

We hope you’ll join us in this afternoon’s 3:30 PM session in Congressional Hall A (BUILD Track): The Giving Movement – Why It’s Not Just About Tuesday

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