6 Questions from Elementary School are Key to Content Creation Success

Marketing Land Columnist, Rachel Lindteigen, explains how marketers can use the five Ws and one H of writing to create better content.

Think for a moment about the last piece of content you published. Was it a blog post, a new page on your website, an e-book, a video or something else? What made it good in your opinion? Would you proudly pin it to the fridge in your kitchen? You know, like kids do when they’re really proud of something. If you wouldn’t proudly display it on the fridge, then maybe it’s not as amazing as you think. Maybe.

When you sit down to create a piece of content, what decision process do you go through? Do you create content “because it’s in the contract,” or “someone said to create X,” or “my boss said we need 12 infographics this year?” If so, maybe it’s time to step back from the content calendar and rethink it altogether.

To create really great, really useful content, you have to be willing to step back and think things through. You may even need to answer a few questions. Think way back — back to elementary school English class and the five Ws and one H of writing (and often used in journalism as well)


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