SEO Request for Proposal (RFP) Questions: What to Expect

For agencies ready to go big-time or enterprises interested in putting SEO work out for bid, columnist Clay Cazier documents the top questions that appear in SEO RFPs.

Ah, the SEO request for proposal (RFP). Whether you are writing one from the client side or responding to one as an agency, they are a foundational part of enterprise-level SEO.

While each RFP should include a few questions that are unique to the business at hand, there are also some “standard” questions that can help the enterprise SEO manager or procurement department qualify (or disqualify) responding agencies.

In today’s post, I’ll document the common questions I see in RFPs received by my agency to give businesses a place to start and agencies a chance to ask themselves, “What would our answer be?”

Read the full article here in Search Engine Land.

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