Millennials Reveal 100 Brands They Love

Millennials make up a crucial group of consumers.

Ad agency Moosylvania asked more than 1,500 millennials — defined as 16 to 36-year-olds — to select their favorite brands.

Some are surprising.

“Ultimately, the functionality of how the brand serves the consumer seems to win out,” Norty Cohen, CEO of Moosylvania, said in a statement.

86. Gucci

Headquarters: Florence, Italy

Why it’s hot: Gucci has been zeroing in on its social media strategy, Digiday reported.

Chris Paradysz, CEO of digital marketing agency PMX Agency, told Business Insider earlier this year that luxury brands have found ways to connect with younger people.

“It’s not Gucci exclusively but there are four or five brands, including Chanel and Burberry, that have somewhat harmoniously integrated digital strategies to evolve into store sales,” he said. “They’ve managed to connect with a younger audience through different verticals — such as social media and art shows — while also connecting with the slightly older audience. The fashion is always impeccable, the fabrics matter and it’s predictable in quality.”

Here are the top brands according to the survey.

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