Paralyzed Veterans of America Named Nonprofit Organization of the Year

We had a lot to be excited about ahead of this year’s New York Nonprofit Conference. With a roster of leading fundraising and marketing individuals on the agenda, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to join in on the conversations around the biggest challenges, opportunities and new initiatives taken by nonprofits throughout 2016 and beyond.

We were especially thrilled about the announcement given during Day 1’s luncheon, that the Paralyzed Veterans of America had been recognized as Nonprofit Organization of the Year. This special designation by the DMA Nonprofit Federation was created to applaud sustained achievement in data-driven fundraising techniques, consistent successful financial performance, recognized leadership and a reputation for excellence in the nonprofit and data-driven marketing communities, among other key qualifications.

For over 70 years, PVA has devoted its work to building brighter, more positive lives for injured heroes, mainly those who return home with debilitating spinal cord injuries. The organization is committed to providing quality healthcare for its members, and to driving top of the line research and education around spinal cord injury and dysfunction.  In order to maintain and nurture its key constituents, PVA has, and continues to utilize an extensive cross-channel approach for connecting with donors, caregivers and members. Because its mission is so diverse – from aiding members with benefits, to being a recognized leader in spinal cord research and content – PVA has demonstrated tremendous success in engaging these individuals at the right time, through the right marketing channel and with a compelling, personalized message.

PVA has truly embraced what it means to be “data-driven”, and has achieved increased success across all of their omnichannel efforts. Their data-savvy strategy has been an important foundation for building more meaningful relationships with audiences, while facilitating cohesive experiences for donors across all online and offline touchpoints. Armed with the insight into how their donors behave, what motivates them and what ultimately drives them to donate, PVA has been able to establish more relationships, and garner increased resources for driving their research and mission forward.

At a time where nonprofit organizations continue to be challenged by a sophisticated, technology-savvy donor, PVA has demonstrated continued leadership, expertise and dedication to furthering their cause, and bettering the lives of all people with disabilities through their innovative approach.

We congratulate everyone at PVA!

About Nonprofit Organization of the Year Award:

The Nonprofit Organization of the Year Award, presented annually at the New York Nonprofit Conference, recognizes outstanding accomplishments by a nonprofit organization using data-driven direct response marketing to advance its mission.

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