The Key to SEO/Content Success is Hands-On Client Involvement

When a brand engages with an agency, it’s likely because they have goals that they want to ensure are achieved. It’s important to both see an ROI on the program and understand how the work that’s being done is impacting the bottom line. However, we’ve noticed a trend over time, in Content and SEO programs in particular, that has the potential to distract a brand from achieving their desired success.

While it may not be the intention, at times, companies don’t always fully invest in their own success. Whether it is a lack of internal resources, budgeting or time issues, brands may find themselves in a position that prohibits them from doing the work necessary to see great results from SEO and Content Marketing. In a solid SEO and Content Marketing program, everything needs to be working together. In other words, there needs to be an emphasis on all parts of the program at all times in order to achieve success.

We take a very systematic approach to SEO/Content success for a client, which includes the following components:

  • Identify and address any technical issues – if Google can’t index your site and crawl your content, you won’t be able to make an impact
  • Determine the right content marketing strategy for the client
  • Create and implement content that the client’s customers find helpful and want to read
  • Review results and adjust
  • Regularly add new content that’s engaging, so visitors have a reason to keep coming back to a website
  • Ensure ongoing technical health with regular checkups and performance reviews

When clients work closely with their SEO/Content Marketing team members, there is an opportunity to see some pretty great results. In fact, we’ve seen brands have consistent 100% or more year-over-year growth in the SEO channel for 3+ years. While this isn’t a typical result, it is one of a client who implements every recommendation they’re provided, trusts their team, and ultimately does the required work on their end. They put the effort in and in return, they’re rewarded with great results.

A strong example of this is a retail client who saw outstanding results during holiday week in 2015. Our team worked with them to identify any remaining technical issues that needed to be addressed ahead of Q4. We did a linguistic study that was focused on holiday terms and priority categories, and their team implemented all of the recommendations. They created landing pages on the website, used the naming conventions we suggested, supported the content topics on their blog, and cross-promoted within social media. They put in a lot of effort and the results show it.

From the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, they experienced:

  • 38% YoY increase in SEO traffic
  • 64% YoY increase in SEO Orders
  • 63% YoY increase in SEO Revenue
  • .39% YoY increase in SEO Conversion Rate

This particular client refers to SEO as, “the unstoppable train”. Even when they’re down in other areas, they’re always up in SEO. And most importantly, they operate with an “always-on” mentality, leaving little room to be edged out by the competition.

So, what can brands learn from the above case study? With strategic guidance and expertise from their agency, plus the resources, dedication and hard work on the brand’s end, SEO and Content Marketing can make a truly measurable impact. The more “hands-on” a brand can be, the better the chance to work collaboratively with an agency to define and achieve attainable goals. And while it’s not always a walk in the park, success is definitely possible!

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