This Year at Bridge

Next week kicks off the annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference in Washington, D.C, and this year, we’re thrilled to play a larger role in the Bridge community. In its eleventh season, the Bridge Conference has evolved to become one of the quintessential nonprofit events of the year, bringing together the most innovative and dynamic minds in the industry – all with a shared goal of enriching the nonprofit community through bold new strategies. The agenda is stacked with important voices, from nonprofit leadership, to fundraising professionals, to key marketing consultants and partners. And what we love most about this conference is that it touches all levels of strategy across a variety of organization types.

In alignment with the cutting edge tracks and powerful session themes this year, we’ll be adding to the conversation at Bridge with a blog series geared to address some of nonprofit marketer’s most critical challenges and opportunities. As the industry continues to evolve alongside a more sophisticated donor, new doors are opened to rethink former strategies. Our goal is to help nonprofit marketing professionals focus not only on achieving performance goals, but also making a deeper impact on their donors’ lives. Throughout the upcoming week, we’ll be sharing our insights on:

Decoding the Language of Marchitecture: With so many touchpoints, both within the organization and with donors across devices, platforms and channels, the structure of your internal marketing technology stack is a critical component to success. While the modern MarTech ecosystem is a daunting one, don’t let systems stop you from making a powerful impact and engaging your donors with the messages they want to hear.

 Cultivate More Sustainers: We all know the value of sustainer donors, but what if you could identify and cultivate more of them from your house file? With the right message in the hands of the right people, nonprofits have the opportunity to build a larger and more successful sustainer program.

Lifetime Value Analysis: The goal for any organization is to create relationships with audiences that provide value beyond the first or second give. The key to fostering those relationships is identifying them from the start. By diversifying your list sources and tapping into untouched audiences, nonprofits can shift the focus from under-engaged names to those that demonstrate higher and longer term value.

In addition to the above themes, we’ll also be sharing some reactions and thoughts to all things happening at Bridge this year. We can’t wait to see you there!

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