Retailers are Re-Inventing to get Men to Shop

The modern man is more confident in his style, the term “metrosexual” has become passé, and marketers targeting today’s male consumers are adapting accordingly. Still, young retailers are busy coming up with new ways to get these guys to actually shop with them.

In its 2016 Male Shopping Report, Boutique@Ogilvy found that 94 percent of men are embracing a “defined sense of style,” and 63 percent shop monthly in order to update their wardrobes. Overall, men’s monthly spending on clothing has surpassed women’s.

Male-only retailers, in fierce competition, want to make it as easy as possible for these customers to buy from them, and a few e-commerce models have emerged to seal the deal with finicky male shoppers.

Read the full story here in Glossy, with comments from PMX Agency CMO, Mary Beth Keelty.

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